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Krithium is 317 OSRS Server loading 143 Data. Our goal is to provide our players with daily updates allowing them to have a never ending fun experience. We look at all the suggestions that are given by our players and most are also added into the server. Krithium staff is always online and looking to help anyone in need. We have lots of great content such as 10+ Bosses, Random Events, Clue Scrolls, Player Owned Shops, and much more! Come join Krithium now and see for yourself!

Staff Updates [05/07/2017]

Posted on 28/06 by

Promotions: @Apollo Has joined the team AGAIN & Has Been Promoted To Community Manager! - Demotions: @Yozgatli Has been Demoted from Developer!

[2017/07/05] Server Updates

Posted on 28/06 by Austin

Server Updates - 145 Data Completely Added - 30+ New Combat Defs Added (ex: flambeed, abyssal sire, etc...) - Many Doors Have Been Fixed, If Any Foun

Server & Staff Updates [2/7/2017]

Posted on 28/06 by Bart

Hey everyone, Today we have some interesting updates: You can now note and unnote items at the banknote exchange merchant npc which is located in the bank

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"Krithium RSPS | Server Showcase"

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1 Santa Hat 2,079 380,609,583
2 Forsaken Xd 2,181 380,318,889
3 Floid 2,181 347,048,496
4 Giffen 2,475 327,505,994
5 Craig 2,475 327,129,999
6 Bart 2,475 325,877,074
7 Myth 2,475 325,862,555
8 Ztayli 2,181 324,445,361
9 Dark 2,086 309,996,421
10 Strawberry 2,181 306,293,963