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  2. Like @Bart said we have staff but sometimes we have irl stuff happening atm i'm really sorry this has happend, should see a fix real soon thank you
  3. Thank you My DARK BUDDY
  4. Thank you for your help in the matter but i believe we may have found a fix for this problem, hope to see more suggestions form you
  5. Congratz
  6. @Littlee That Moment when you relise you have already prestiged 5 times god dang it. RIP
  7. Thank youu too <£ for the help so ya the best too xoxo Thank Ya Santa
  8. Just Something Small I made For the giggles :3
  9. gz poopy ur the best
  10. the issue with auto clickers is fixed as long as it gives items. just give it a more valuable item. right now it gives diamond necklaces, so an easy way to buff it would be giving it dragonstone necklaces instead. or an item that sells to the general store for between like 6k to 8k.
  11. gz
  12. It's not hate, It's love!
  13. First 200m Prayer :o 

  14. Dang, out of all of them it was Prayer.. Congratz!!!! Now prestige.
  15. Omg I was here for this and i was picking them up l0l
  16. I mean I modeled my character exactly like me soooo.
  17. I was gonna post the picture until I scrolled down and saw someone beat me to it. I was gonna go the event but didn't know anyone was there. Skotizo too op for me.
  18. Looking very nice. Keep it up man.
  19. Your first post HAD TO BE, calling me poop :'( hahahahah -Thank you buddy "for the gz" not the poop
  20. Gz poop
  21. I HATE @NoX
  22. So here it is the first 200m Xp of the game By An EXTREME ACCOUNT too W00T Very Happy with this achievement As it took a lot of my bank away and over a total 80 hours on 2 weekends of 2xp I Also want to THANK The players who Donated Bones :3 TO HELP ME get this son of a bitch skill too 200m No thanks to @NoX Thank you All @strawberry @I am M @zwollydude @Ztayli @Lewis @vitus @Nutxxkicker @Dark And to @Forsaken xd Your very missed xxxx Love You all Guys <3 And Thank you For Helping me out <3
  23. POP------CORN-----:O
  24. @Ieaysu I was lazy I needed this before
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