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  1. We first want to fix the issue with autoclickers before we buff it again.
  2. Will be fixed!
  3. Ah yes, nice find! lol will add it to the list. It's low priority at the moment so will take some time to fix it.
  4. Hey everyone, Today we have some interesting updates: You can now note and unnote items at the banknote exchange merchant npc which is located in the bank Imps now spawn 3 of each imp in the hunting area instead of randomly spawned imps. Wilderness arena doesn't freeze players anymore when training agility A lot of items now have the correct bonuses. Like twisted bow and many more. Today their also have been some changes in the staff crew, Apollo has left server as owner for private reasons. However we also have a new developer Yozgatli, which is going to speed up the development of Aganoth alot. Also did we get 2 new Playersupports Nutxxkicker and Dark. The player supports will be there to help if players get stuck or just need help. Promotions: @Yozgatli Has Been Promoted To Developer! @Nutxxkicker Has Been Promoted To Server Support! @Dark Has Been promoted to Server Support! - Demotions: @Apollo Has been Demoted to Ex-staff!
  5. try redownloading, turning off your internet adapters which you dont use. Like vm adapters.
  6. Yes, we got some new staff last few days that can help with this.
  7. Yes, we are actually planning to put more bosses in the wildy. To increase wilderness activity
  8. Hey guys, The updates for today are: Event chest is nerfed The items from event chest where just to good. The only rare it will give now is the steel partyhad, steel santahad and steel h'ween mask. Also did we increase the chance of getting darkbow recolour and many other combat items. All raids gear has been completely removed from the chest. Donator mystery box has been buffed The mystery box was currently just useless. It cost 10 bucks and you would almost always get rune items. We increased the prize of it to 1000 and it contains a lot of rare items. XP rates for non-combat magic spells are fixed Before xp-rates for non-combat magic spells didn't get multiplied by the 70x factor, now it does. XP rates for extreme mode nerfed When you start extreme mode it said the xp rate was 1/15 of the normal xp rate. This however wasn't the case. It was 1/6 of the normal xp rate. This has now been corrected Players under 400 total lvl can now drop their pet
  9. Buying gf
  10. Niceee!
  11. Looks sick!
  12. Will be fixed soon!
  13. Cool idea, we will take it into consideration.
  14. Yes! Will come after most bugs are sorted out.
  15. Overwatch on PC