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  1. Id like too see the server get more together like doing mass boss events not just the boss event that spawns
  2. nice vid mate hope too see what you next boss grind gonna be
  3. ik what you mean but you're the 1 who choose extreme mode which is ment too be a grind.
  4. nice loot bro, I see some lucky imp loots in there aswell
  5. Gandalf The white
  6. does my gf count?
  7. Welcome to aganoth, I hope you enjoy your stay
  8. I like the ideas dark mate but I would suggest a chill zone to be open too any1 not just donators
  9. Ardy thinks you're in wildy needs looking into Thanks.
  10. Loving the work you guys putting into the server hope too see many more updates.
  11. Pet

    My first none skilling pet on the server
  12. gratz man am 150+ no whip yet lol
  13. yep my bad didn't notice the other gamemode highscores