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  1. They both in super rare drop and my account is regular LOL. More op than Extreme ?
  2. @Hardcore War you mean statius warhammer ;p
  3. Me and griffen tried out the ags the other day in duel arena, and i was almost in complete max as in torso, helm of neit, ags, tort ammy, etc. But getting to the point, ags spec hits too many 0s and hits alot of 0s too. Im not saying buff it where it can hit 70s all the time, but make it more accurate. Ballista and D axes both need specs as i was testing out some combos so i can make a pking video. Neither has spec.
  4. As you can see, the server is getting flooded with item drops, that isn't a bad thing since its couple days in the server, and still have time to fix it, but, you dont want to see everyone walking around on the game with the same items. THERE IS STILL TIME ! Buff the drop rates of all bosses, especially Cerberus, Demonic Gorillas, and zulrah since they are the bosses getting camped the most. People won't like this suggestion but I think this will help us in the long run .
  5. No one has over 100m cash, but if they do, they not going to buy those items 100m+ ;p. When the server has a shit load more gp, then i'd say this price guide would be a +1, but atm it can't be said. This is only what i think atm though.
  6. Nice spelling wepaeons haha jk, good post to let us know though .
  7. This took a total of like 3-4 hours of imp catching, I was gona make a video, but i wasnt recording awh well. Next time i guess.
  8. Teckton is a osrs boss, and having it in the wilderness would be fun to catch when it would spawn. The timer should be 1 hour or so a spawn. Drops should be Rigour scroll, augury scroll, elder maul, with all the raids items etc. Only do this when the wilderness is fix though
  9. Ik i didnt take much time but, here it is. a small video for the server i will get better and better at making YouTube vids i promise.
  10. My name for various servers is Hmong Main. Its fun playing little servers like this because I get to see it grow. Hopefully this is a server that will blossom into a huge community but a little about myself RSPS IS LIFE, i play it over osrs or rs3 anytime Love pking, dont get butt hurt if i kill you in wilderness, its wildy haha Staking addiciton. Chill guy to talk with, Hmu with a pm in game -- Hmong or Ext Hmong.
  11. I know the server is small but, wilderness keys would be something worth grinding for in the wilderness for pvm/pking/skilling. The rarity of the key should be rare with pvp armor/statues/points as rewards. Nothing more. I hope this gets pass, even though I didn't put much effort to this post.