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  1. It's not hate, It's love!
  2. Well most of them are on 'Easy level' if you would've done a medium or else a hard clue scroll the rewards would've been much better.
  3. Hey!, don't worry mate your introduction was dope. Welcome to the Community my dude, see you in game!
  4. Welcome mate, see you around!
  5. Weird...some how it got fixed for me, maybe there are a few things to do in order for the glitch to take effect.
  6. Fix FPS drops at home. Make Looting bag usable. Money instantly goes in to the money pouch. (Optional ) Bank slot glitch. An 'All' Option when selling stuff to shops. +1 for the thread.
  7. Hello there, my nickname is NoX (Daniel), I am from the United Kingdom and I was browsing around for some new forums and I've come interested in to your community. I'm currently on my summer break but sadly still looking for a summer job!, feel free to talk to me when I'm around in game or on forums I don't mind. (Extra info on me at the about page) See you in game.