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  1. Dang, out of all of them it was Prayer.. Congratz!!!! Now prestige.
  2. Omg I was here for this and i was picking them up l0l
  3. I mean I modeled my character exactly like me soooo.
  4. I was gonna post the picture until I scrolled down and saw someone beat me to it. I was gonna go the event but didn't know anyone was there. Skotizo too op for me.
  5. Looking very nice. Keep it up man.
  6. Yeah I get that but how? lol.
  7. I'm confused...
  8. I thought I was the only one who said what's poppin... omg! Welcome mate.
  9. Look at people getting free post count lol. Anyways yeah, alls you have to do is relog or search for it in your bank and it will be there. Trust me I did this when I got the fishing pet. Also this is wayyyy in the wrong section.
  10. What a rollercoaster.
  11. Right now, when you click the clan chat tab, it's spammed by game chat so you can't read the clan chat very easily. Here's an example:
  12. from
  13. Restart? l0l
  14. Dang Gratz.
  15. That was something else tbh. lol.