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  1. Judging from the first 28 I'm gonna say that clue's aren't really worth doing :^)
  2. When going through the interfaces in the quest tab, if you click the Statistics Tab and then the Panels Tab, if you scroll to the bottom of the Panels tab you see the information for particular Skill Points. This only occurs when you click panels tab followed by the statistics tab. If you click the panels tab after first clicking the Links tab or Information tab you get the expected result. Click Statistic Tab, then Click Panels Tab > (Bug) Click Information tab or links tab, then click Panels Tab > (Expected) This bug is repeated if you click the links tab after you click the Statistics Tab. You get the Trivia Points, Achievement Points, Prestige Points, Slayer Points, Pest Control Points and Skill Points information from the Statistics tab. Click Statistics Tab, then click Link Tab > Bug: Click Information or Panels tab, then click Links Tab (Expected): Cheers.
  3. You are able to bank from your current location as long as there is a bank booth in sight that you can click on. Normal Effect: You click the bank booth from a distance and then run to the bank booth, before the bank screen pops up. Current: The flag on the minimap (indicating that your character is moving) moves to the position of the Bank booth, however your character remains in the same place. Cheers.
  4. When searching for an item in your bank, the amount of that particular item that will be displayed is equal to the current amount of the first item in your bank. Example: I currently have 75 sharks in the first slot in my bank and 8 attack potion (4)'s visible next to them. When searching for attack potions, I get this result: Repeating this bug with different items: First Bank Slot: 500 Death Runes, 50 law runes beneath it Searching for Law runes: Result shows 500 law runes instead of 50. Cheers.
  5. Quick suggestion to make dice role results region based so only people in that particular area can see the role, instead of everyone currently online, as it can get quite annoying if a lot of dice roles are happening at once and it is spamming the chat. There is really no need for all players to be able to see dice results. Cheers.
  6. Cheers matey
  7. Cheers mate
  8. Hi, im 21 from the UK, currently studying Software Engineering at Uni. Mainly use OOP languages such as Java, C# and C++. Haven't played an RSPS for a while but should be fun. Cya around.