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  1. the issue with auto clickers is fixed as long as it gives items. just give it a more valuable item. right now it gives diamond necklaces, so an easy way to buff it would be giving it dragonstone necklaces instead. or an item that sells to the general store for between like 6k to 8k.
  2. well my ingame name is vitus, and im a super donor. i dont know how to screenshot so i hope this is good enough.
  3. so the gem stall in the super donor zone got nerfed, which was needed, but now it gives items worse than the scimitar stall at home. It gives diamond necklaces, which sell for 3750gp, a rusty scimitar sells for 5000gp. Considering you need to donate to access to this stall, it should be at minimum better gp than the ones at home. something worth around 6000 would be nice so its at least worth stealing from it.
  4. Whenever there is no staff on is when it seems they are most needed. ive seen people join, play a few hours, then try to go into wildy agility course, then quit because they get stuck. there is generaly no staff on whenever im playing between 10pm to 3 am utd. it would be nice if staff were selected both on they're ability to help and the ability to be on at certain times.