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  1. Yeah this would be very useful for iron men
  2. Could you fix the prayer bonus for Verac's, it would be really helpful
  3. You guys work really fast, great job
  4. Good luck with your goals mate!
  5. Yeah, Third-Age should be much less frequent
  6. - So firstly, after you've created an account, select the Ironman option and customise your character. - Start Thieving and you may get a casket which can contain useful items such as Rouge pieces which will increase your thieving XP by 5%. - Stealing from the banana stall 6 times will get you 30 Thieving & give you 7.5k coins when you sell them. - Now go into the Shop tab on the bottom right and select the Ironman shop which is the last store option, then the General option. - Buy a butterfly net and some impling jars - Now you want to teleport to the hunting area which will provide you with useful items. I would recommend going for 99 Hunter ASAP or even to level 83 to catch Dragon Imps. - The loot from 10 Dragon impling jars as you can see are quite good. Dragon imps will provide you will a ton of bones and dragon darts which are great for an ironman. - Fishing & Cooking are also what you want to do, this will be your food source so I would try and get to 62 Fishing to be able to fish Monkfish. - Getting to 50 Thieving is also useful as you'll be able to crack wall safes which will provide you with some coins & gems which can be used for crafting. You can get there via the Thieving teleport. - Crystal keys are also a great way to obtain items as they can provide great gear such as barrows armour & weapons, so I would recommend collecting all loops & keys. - Do some slayer also to get other gear such as the Slayer helm and the Fighter Torso Etc. - Crystal keys can also be obtained via: 1) Skilling Points 2) Achivement Points 3) PvM Point Shop 4) Vote Point Shop If you have any other questions feel free to add me Ingame & I'll try to help - Wildy
  7. Oh damn unlucky
  8. After 67 Kc
  9. Yeah, I think all the bugs should be top priority
  10. Great job mate!
  11. +1