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  1. Loving the updates, working hard <3
  2. Happy to help you and the server, will do my best to assist anyone.
  3. I'm already in my PP but I guess I will send another.
  4. Yeah of course, I 100% agree with you. Especially for the Iron men on the server, the skilling bosses could even give materials that would take a while to grind.
  5. This is a bit of a random topic, but I would like to thoroughly congratulate all of the owners/developers: Apollo, Bart, Austin and any I haven't met for the significant support they are being given. From my knowledge the server has been out for 2-days or so, and the amount of support it has received compared to other servers is genuinely astonishing. I've been on servers with 400+ players which are the best-of-the-best, and servers that have 2 maximum players but this server in such a short time has 20 players, which isn't the most, but is still a huge accomplishment. I speak on the behalf of us all when I say 'well done and good luck in the future' for the owners, as their server deserves success and it appears to be getting that with the amazing players and continual support with donations and player-counts, Morgan.
  6. Great video, absolutely nailed it for your first attempt. Thank you very much for the support
  7. Thank you:) bad photos but I tried
  8. I don't have a dog, my girlfriend does. I have a cat+tortoise
  9. I don't want to be a kill-joy. I'm a level 3 so I have hardly any choices. Automatic props on my pet and ugg boots.
  10. I have a half breed Bengal/domestic cat called: Spyro and a Horsefield Tortoise named: Oogwai. My girlfriend has an Huskey called Nanook though, beautiful dog tbh.
  11. I'm not going to participate simply because I wish for someone else to share the donator rank as I already do. Great job though on the event and good luck to all!!!!!
  12. Just wondering if it possible to add a shift-drop option, the same feature that was recently added into OSRS. It would make stuff more convenient and more comfortable to work with, such as skilling, rather than emptying, you could shift drop. Hope people support the idea, Morgan
  13. As most people have witnesses, the rarity of rares such as Third-age in clue scrolls are unbalanced and are way too common. Third-age should be extremely rare but I'm guessing in 30 clues, I have seen minimum 7 pieces be pulled, including myself with a bow in the first hard clue. The purpose of Third-age is not to be good, but a rare piece of armour/weapon that shows your luckiness of a clue scroll, the rates need to be more like Runescapes, I get less crystal key drops than Third-age. Thank you, Morgan
  14. I play Xbox One and don't have any particular game but I commonly play: Destiny, Battlefields (4 being my favourite) and Minecraft if I'm extremely bored.