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  1. Like @Bart said we have staff but sometimes we have irl stuff happening atm i'm really sorry this has happend, should see a fix real soon thank you
  2. Thank you for your help in the matter but i believe we may have found a fix for this problem, hope to see more suggestions form you
  3. Congratz
  4. here is a small recording of it, i don't record much so i hope it helps lol btw sorry for the look of the recording i did not setup sharex atm for recording so it looks a little weird plus it recorded my duel monitors for some reason lol 2017-07-06_14-24-31.mp4
  5. The best way to get a screenshot is useing a free program called sharex I will put a link for you to download, once downloaded go to your extra program slots to the bottom right then just left click it,now just snap the region you want screenshot then copy the link and paste it here. https://getsharex.com/
  6. love the new update <3
  7. I loved the video Nice job
  8. I would like to see some skills being done on video
  9. looks nice, but i have to ask famn did you mess with the rng at all
  10. OK Apollo you have warren for 24 hours congrats waiting for the in-game transaction to commence.
  11. Hello I'm currently selling warren pop for 500k gp or items per hour, If you would like to buy her please pm me for info. Thank you and let the best man/women have fun
  12. glade to have you here fam <3